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Local Info

On this page you will find helpful information. Photos can be viewed on the blog page.


Within 100 meters:

Fruit shops, little basic shops, local restaurants, the oldest bar of Ibarra, the old hospital close to the colonial square, the old cemetery, the river Tahuando...


Within 900 meters:

Restaurants: vegetarian, Mexican, Argentinian, local...

Supermarkets, the old market, banks (ATM), hiking attractions, bars, discotheque, the old center, parks, churches, museum, pharmacies, doctors...

The bus terminal is at a walking distance of 20 min. (- 1,400 Km).


Laundry service (within 900 meters)

Close by and from Monday till Saturday, you can let your clothes be washed in a professional laundry.

This service offers also a delivery at home.


What to do around Ibarra:

With the bus, you can easily visit:

the market of Otavalo, the waterfall of Peguche, the condor Park, the lake Cuicocha in Cotacachi, La Esperanza (known for its nature and the start of the climbing of the volcano the Imababura), The lake Yahuarcocha (In Ibarra), the archangel Michael on the top of the mountain in Ibarra, Caranqui (the birthplace of the Inca leader Atahualpa) and so much more...


Quito airport - Ibarra transportation:

Public Transport:
From the airport there are no buses to Ibarra.

There is a bus to Quito Carcelen and from that bus terminal you can get a bus to Ibarra. Quito is 1 hour from the airport. Quito Carcelen is 2 hours 15 min from Ibarra

Other option is, if you arrive before 4 pm, go to the nearest town by taxi, PIFO or TABABELA and from the bus terminal take the bus to Ibarra. These buses don't operate after 5 pm. 
Quito terminal Carcelen will have buses available to Ibarra before 8 p.m.


We can arrange a taxi at the airport for 60 dollars. (a 2 hour drive)
(airport taxis costs 80 - 85 dollars)

Please, in case you want more information about this, don't hesitate to write us.